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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Rock, Large and Enchanted

When we were in Austin, a cab driver told us about this place called Enchanted Rock out in the Hill Country. We didn't go from Austin because it got so cold, but now that the weather has moderated considerably we decided to get out into the Hill Country and check it out. It was large and enchanted both and one of the coolest places we've seen. It's basically a large piece of pink granite that rises 425 feet out of the ground with a summit trail that allows you to walk right up the rock face. It's not steep enough to require any mountaineering skills on the main face, but it's not exactly a walk in the park either. We brought a small picnic lunch and enjoyed our repast near the summit, where the views were spectacular.

It was nice to get out of the city and drive through the Hill Country.

I was pumped for some hiking. This was before I faced
the rock.

On one side of the rock, there was a smaller mountain with some
nice boulder fields.

We saw a lot of cactus but, thankfully, no rattlesnakes.

The hiking below the rock was pretty mellow.

The trail leading to the rock had plenty of man-made 

Then you reach the rock, where trail markings are no 
longer necessary. That tiny orange dot is Astral Wendy.

Astral Wendy was skipping like a schoolgirl..

...then it was a jacket off forced march...

...until she was crawling on her belly like a reptile.

The rock takes no prisoners.

There no need for any elaborate trail markings on the rock.
The rock is the trail.

I was definitely pacing myself.

Cactus hearts you!

Being on the rock was like being on a granite ski slope. And
I still had a ways to go to the summit.

The Eurovan waiting patiently below. 

At the summit, there was some plant life where water collected.

Hmmm, perhaps a cooling dip.

Looking west.

Wondering how long these boulders have been hanging around.

The little black speck in the middle is me. 

Astral Wendy doing the Rock Goddess Meditation.

Maybe I'll just nudge this a little to the right.

I found my perch in a serifed U.

We're finally in some terrain that's quite different from the coast.

A jack-a-loupe flips the bird.

There were a lot of amazing color combinations.

Here's the rock from the parking lot trail head.

It's been super dry out here, but the landscapes are fantastic.

Driving back through the Hill Country.

Most of the Hill Country rivers and streams are colorful.

A Suessian plant for sure.


  1. Breathtaking photos as always! Wen, please tell me that you have 50 horrible pictures for each fantastic one you post here. That would give me hope for my own photography skills.

  2. Thanks Terri!. I do take some horrible shots, especially ones from the moving car but I usually just delete those. I play with many of my photos, a little crop, straighten or color boost but I love what I do and have been doing it for the past 10 years.